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Dhaka city Tour in Bangladesh

Dhaka City 8 Hours

Dhaka city attraction and daily trip

Dhaka – the Chaos capital as over populated and business head administration town of all sector even starting point for any travel destination recently overcome the problem by making several fly over bridge increasing the beauty while outing from Dhaka is no traffic. Every visitors should be noted that Friday and Saturday less traffic for visiting Museum and Monuments of Dhaka city and cycle rickshaw trip also popular for old Dhaka tour.

welcome to those travelers who are come to the subcontinent to experience friendliest busy city for a day retreat to Lalbagh fort, Pari Bibi’s Tomb, Ahsan Manzil, karzan hall, Dhakeswari temple, Armenian church, star Moque, liberation war museum, rickshaw art, hindu street and parliament building or make your way down to Buriganga river port and rent a small boat to see the hustle and bustle of Dhaka from the water front. Meet animal of Dhaka zoo and monkeys of old Dhaka.

Dhaka interesting sights are

Lalbagh fort:  Lalbagh fort built 1678 ad by Prince Mohammad Azam,  son of Emperor Aurangazeb, one of the best peaceful monument in Dhaka city to know about Mughal. Main interesting are southern wall, Tob of Bari bibi ( wife of Azam and daughter of Viceroy Shaistha Khan ) this memorial following design of Emperor Humayan Tomb and Tajmahal design, three domed Mosque, Hummam ( royal bath ) and audience hall.

Liberation war museum ( Aka freedom fighters memorial museum )

Short break looking Dhaka University and Language Martyrs monument from car

Star Mosque ( built in Mughal style 3 domed Mosque in early 19th Century, it was rebuilt 1962 by alijan bepary adjacent 5 domed and varanda with English China Bangla – tiles and decorated motifs of blue star, created hundred of blue star and on the Domes of white marble )

Ahshan Monzil ( Pink palace ) French architectural with terracotta on the bank of Buriganga river, is considered best beautiful building in Dhaka city. Built 1859 –1872 as the seat of Dhaka Nawab. Renovation took place between 1985 – 92.

Sadarghat Port is the dynamic place in Dhaka, is one of the largest river port if the world where everyday about 250 small and large passengers launches depart and arrival at the terminal. In the other part of the river where river craft and largest local garments beyond the river, hundred s of country boats laden passengers crossing the river.

  Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban is theNational Assembly Building of Bangladesh located in the Shere bangle nagar of Dhaka city.It was created by architect Louis I. Kahn and is one of the largest governmental complexes in the world. This complex starting works 1964 by expending 32 million dollars but it takes many years to complete in 1981 and total cost was 1.29 million US$ dollar. Inside of the building magical design by architect like Hazar duari of Murshidabad palace.

entrance to the Bhaban, the MainBuilding, is limited to authorized members of Parliament and staff, the Jatiyo Sangshad complex is open to visitors. On the North of complex, across the  Lake Road, is Crescent Lake and ZiaUddan (also called Chondrima Uddan). The two complexes together form a major attraction for tourists in Dhaka.

Karzan Hall – European and Mughal rich mixture architect made for Indian Viceroy – Lord Karzan as Dhaka town hall but after partition of Bengal 1904 – 1911 it was unused later used as Dhaka collage and after establish Dhaka university 1921 being used as science campus of Dhaka University.

High court building originally built as the residence of the British Governor and it is now supreme court of Bangladesh located opposite to Karzan hall at Kazi nazrul islam avenue sarak.

Walking through hindu street and chawk market

Visit one of the Rickshaw art painting

Dhakeswari Temple – is the national temple of Bangladesh near Lalbagh fort. It was the jungle beyond live Buriganga river when Banlal sen found hidden embodiment of his protector Goddes Durga later he made temple (  hidden = Bangla = Dhaka ) name implies Dhaka Eswari temple ) during 11th Century. Beyond the temple some people 1st living in the boundary of Dhaka.

Some local tale Dhaka the name implies after Dhakeswari Temple .

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