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Best Archeological Tour in Bangladesh

Bangladesh 8 Days

Archeological Tour Itinerary

Bangladesh is a country considerably rich in archaeological wealth, especially of the medieval period both during the Muslim and pre-Muslim rules, though most of it is still unexplored and unknown. In archaeological fieldwork and research this area was very much neglected for a long time for various reasons, not the least of which are its difficult geography and climate and remoteness from the main centres of the subcontinent. With the independence of Bangladesh in 1971 the Government has undertaken a number of field projects including a comprehensive survey and exploration of the hitherto unexplored areas and a fairly ambitious scheme of excavations on selected sites.

Trip to the past glory of North Bengal – Archaeological sites:

Bengal ancient civilization and historical sites was glory of Bangladesh describes by many valued travel writers

Bangladesh has reason to be proud of its rich ancient heritage. At once this was a rich and developed region. Many travelers express their impressions glorifying these places. Rajshahi is the famous City of Silk and Mosques offer to expedition historical palaces, Mosque’s Temples and Stupa. we visit major archaeological sites of Rajshahi, Bogra, Dinajpur and World heritage of Rajshahi division.

Tour Duration : 8 Days

Day 01:  Dhaka airport pick up and visit Dhaka

Our guide met and greets while arrive Dhaka airport & transfer to hotel. If time permits for half day city tour around Sadarghat River front, shakhari bazaar and old Hindu temples, Lalbag Fort of Mughal Empire and Curzon Hall (Dhaka University), overnight in hotel victory or hotel pacific.

Day 02: Dhaka around archaeological sites

Depart Dhaka at 07:30 AM to 08:00 AM for Moinamaoti, Comilla at the Buddhist archaeological sites of 8th to 12th Centuries education and cultural center. It takes 3 hours to reach visiting ruins shalvan vihara, Stupas, Museum and Muras after having lunch from Miami restaurant return drive to Sonargaon which was the Bengal independent golden capital city ( 13th to 17th Century) where ruins panam city still standing of remaining hindu merchants dilapidate structure and renovated boro sarder palace with site museum of Bangladesh folk, arts and crafts, in the evening check in hotel for night pass.

Day 03: Dhaka- Dinajpur

Depart Dhaka at 07: 00Hrs by reserve van for Dinajpur via Jamuna Bridge, on arrival Dinajpur at around 1400Hrs, check in the Hotel. Visit the Ramsagar-historical pond (16th Century) & Night stay in parjatan motel.

Day 04: Kantaji Temple -Paharpur-Bogra

Kantaji Temple is famous for its terracotta work on the famous temple. There are about 15 thousand terracotta tiles in the entire temple. You will discover the surrounding and the sides of the temple, wondering, there is no resemblance to one with these ornate terracotta. These terracotta fruits have many stories of social life in the middle of the medieval period and the epic of the story of Ramayana, Mahabharata and various myths. After lunch, drive to an ancient Buddhist destroyed monastery in Paharpur Buddhist Bihar or somapur Mahavihara built by Sri Dharmapaldev, the second king of the Pala dynasty of late 8th century. In 1985 UNESCO gave it the status of the World Heritage Site. This drive will take around 3 Hrs. in the evening continue on to Bogra for Night stay.

Day 05: Bogra- Mahasthan -Naogaon-Rajshahi

Mahasthangarh – the ancient name is Pundranagar was rich and prosperous wall city during the 3rd Century BCE while  the region pundravardhana of Ashoka   More than five hundred years before the birth of Jesus many scalars compare the ancient Pundravardhana with the indus civilization of Mohanjodaro saying like Mahasthan is Mohanjodaro of Bengala. There were 20 monasteries include Vasu bhihar once famous Buddhist learning center of more than 700 students from different countries of the world widely famous Buddhist university before 2400 years lasts more than thousand years.

Outside the wall, founded Govindha vita and pottery, coins, ornaments, terracotta and stone carved paintings, statues of stone, statues of gods, copper medals, arrows, knives, iron spears etc of 4th century BC. There are several types of monuments in the first and second centuries BC, with paintings, shields and printed copper coins.

The ancient Mahasthan involved with many historic events of Maurya, Gupta, shanga, pala, Sultanate period and the arrival of Buddha, Empire Ahoka fame and memories of Bakhtiar Khiliji.

After visiting Mahasthangarh historical sites drive to Rajshahi, on the way visit one of the magnificent stone built terracotta’s Kushumba Mosque, overnight at Rajshahi.

Day 06: Rajshahi-Puthia

Drive to Dhaka at 0800Hrs. On the way, you will visit one of the rich palace architecture and dominant ancient Hindu’s Temple (11th Century) at Puthia (Rajshahi District). The most significant are Shiva Temple, Jagannath Temple and Guvindha Temple, overnight stay in Rajshahi nice hotel international.

Day 07: Natore – Dhaka

Drive to Natore visiting Queen Bhawani’s palace at the sight of a 300-year old palace in threat where managed the vast zamindari from the Nawab of Bengal Ali Bwardi Khan. Before heading Dhaka know the story of the Royalty of excellent ruler and see ornate palace structure, in the evening check in hotel air inn nearby airport.

Day 08:  Murapara Zamindar palace and Jamdhani sharee weaving factories

In this day 30 minute drive to Kanchan bridge for a Boat Trip on sitalakhya river while you visit Jamdhani sharee weaving factories is famous after famous muslin fabrics widely purchase with cheap price from the factory and visit aristocrat Zamindar palace at Murapara built by Ram Ratan Benarji who was the cashier of Rani Bhavani ( Natore)  in 19th Century, late in the afternoon return to Dhaka .

Tour End ..

2 days Archaeological Tour itinerary:

Day-01: Dhaka – Bogra – Mahasthangarh

In the morning at 07:30 AM leave Dhaka by car or hiace or mini coach or coach for Mahasthangarh via Bogra, visit ancient wall city and surrounding of Mahasthangarh historical sites, overnight in hotel Naz garden or Momo Inn or Similar .

Day-02: Bogra – Paharpur – Rajshahi – Dhaka

In this morning started drive about to Paharpur to explore World heritage listed single largest Buddhist vihar, in the afternoon visit Natore Maharaja’s palace, return drive to Dhaka, hopefully arrived by 10:00 PM.

Tour End

Guided tour to north Bengal archaeological sites for 3 days

(Places to visit: Rajshai > Chapai nabab gonj > Puthia > Natore > Paharpur > Mahasthangarh)

Historical Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Dhaka – Natore – Rajshahi – Puthia

Depart Dhaka in the morning at around 07:30 am by reserved a/c vehicle about to rajshahi on way stop to take picture of rural Bangladesh. After having lunch from highway restaurant Visit natore Digapatiya terracotta king palace and drive to puthia rajbari, shiva, Jagannat and gubinda temple before check-in hotel nice or parjatan hotel.

Day-02: Rajshahi and around Mosque’s

Early in the morning drive to Bagha Mosque, Chotta sona Mosque, Darasbari Mosque, Chika Mosque and other historical sites,in the evening return to Rajshahi, overnight stay at Rajshahi.

Day-03: Rajshahi – Paharpur – Mahasthangarh

after an early breakfast drive to Paharpur ( Sompur vihar)-where the remains of the most important and the largest known monastery of 8th century A.D, south of the Himalayas has been excavated vast Buddhist archaeological site covers an area of 27 acres of land declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

After having lunch, visit Mahasthangarh which was the oldest archaeological site and earliest wall City of Bangladesh during 3rd century B. C. visit Mohasthangar museum and Mahasthan Buddhist Stambho locally called as Behula’s Basar. Start return drive about to Dhaka, hopefully reach at around 10: 00 pm.

Tour End

Travel in North Bengal for Rajshahi – Bogra and Dinajpur

Duration: 4 days and 3 nights

This tours cover the whole North Bengal Terracota’s Mosques, Temples and Stupas around Rajshahi, chapai nababgonj, Natore, Puthia, Dinajpur, Paharpur and Bogra by reserved A/c vehicle for 4 days included all cost.

Day-01: Dhaka – Dinajpur

Early in the morning at 06:30 AM drive about to Dinajpur by car or Micro bus or hiace or 15 seated van or tourist coach, on arrival after having lunch visit Dinajpur king palace and Kantajee Temple ( countries finest historical temple ), overnight in Parjatan motel.

Day-02: Dinajpur – Rajshahi – Puthia

Drive to Rajshahi on arrival visit Barendra research museum and Puthia Temple city, overnight in Parjatan motel.

Day-03: Rajshahi and Gaur

in this day we try to visit  all the places here outlined within a day and main are – countries most beautiful sona Mosque ( Golden Mosque )The ancient monument was established by Wali Muhammad during the rule of Sultan Alauddin Husain Shah in 15th Century Located at Gaur in Rajshahi, the elegant monument bears the reputation and importance of the Muslim era. Visit also Darasbari Mosque and Bagha Mosque which was built by Sultan Nusrat Shah in 1523 A.D. Bagha Mosque is a richly decorated monument originally roofed over with 10 domes which collapsed long ago. But recently this Mosque rebuilt carefully to their original form. After lunch drive to Bogra on way visit Kushumba Mosque, The entire building of the mosque is built mainly from brick, the famous mosque is one of the historical sites and tourist attractions in Rajshahi. Kushumba Mosque situated on the banks of Atrai River.The ancient mosque was built during the Afghan rule in Bengal under the reign of Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Shah. The mosque features a rectangular shape with six domes, two aisles and three entrances. Bricks and stones have been used for the entire construction of the exterior walls. The style of architecture in Muslim period is different from the Buddhist and Hindu architecture and this mosque resembles the contemporary kind of architecture. Rajshahi Kushumba Mosque is the last important monuments of the Sultanate period, overnight in Rajshahi hotel.

Day-04: Rajshahi – Paharpur – Mahasthangarh

Last day of the trip started drive at around 06:00 AM for Paharpur to explore World heritage listed single largest Stupa and other historical sites of Paharpur, in the afternoon visit Mahasthangarh and main historical sites.overnight stay in  Bogura Hotel  .

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Above itinerary can be change on your request.

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